John Deere Waterproof Steel Toe Wellington Pull On Work Boot

  • John Deere Waterproof Steel Toe Wellington Pull On Work Boot
    John Deere Waterproof Steel Toe Wellington Pull On Work Boot
    John Deere Boots
    John Deere Waterproof Steel Toe Wellington Work Boot Barnyard Acid Resistant: This specially treated leather is three times stronger and two and a half times more abrasion resistant. The boots are opasture-poop-proof. This leather will resist alkali, sulfuric acid, calcium hydroxide, manure, urine and lactic acids. This process is used to make John Deere Combine II, Field Boots, and Canadian Safety Toes Series boots. Antimicrobial: Treatment of the boot components that prevents odors and the growth of fungus. Agion is the only prevention system proven safe and effective enough to be called antimicrobial. John Deere WCT, Combine II, Miner, Filed Boots, and Canadian Safety Toe series feature Agion antimicrobial linings. Waterproof Membrane: Also called Waterproof Bootie Construction. Made into the boot to trap moisture between the lining and the leather outside boot. Tempered Steel Shank: Protects and provides support for the arch. Goodyear Welt Construction: Recognized worldwide as a superior method of footwear construction for durability. Steel Toe: A steel toe cap is inserted between the lining and the outside leather offering protection to the toe area. All steel toe boots meets ASTM I75/C75 testing standards. Electrical Hazard: Designed with special heel and sole materials to provide extra protection where accidental contact with electrically energizes objects is possible. Dark Brown Waterproof Barnyard Acid Resistant Leather 10 Height Genuine Cambrelle II Moisture-Wicking Lining with Agion Antimicrobial Waterproof Breathable Membrane Removable Air Flow Comfort Orthotic Insert Tempered Steel Shank Goodyear Welt Construction Oil, Slip and Heat Resistant Combine II Rubber Outsole Steel Toe meets ASTM I75/C75 Standards F2413-05 Electrical Hazard meets ASTM Standards F2413-05 Style # JD4383
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